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    • APRIL 1983: Public Health Department Reports First Confirmed AIDS Cases
    • JUNE 1983: Imperial AIDS Foundation Founded in San Jose
    • 1983: County AIDS/KS Foundation Forms
    • 1985: ARIS Project Founded in Living Room of Bob Clayton
    • 1985: Necessities and More Founded, an HIV/AIDS Support Group and Fundraiser
    • OCTOBER 2, 1985: Actor Rock Hudson Dies of AIDS
    • JANUARY 1986: Supervisors Create County AIDS Task Force and Appoint Ken Yeager as Chair
    • FEBRUARY 4, 1986: County Allots $60,000 to ARIS After BAYMEC Lobbies Board of Supervisors for AIDS Funding
    • NOVEMBER 4, 1986: Lyndon LaRouche’s Prop 64 AIDS Quarantine Initiative Defeated
    • 1987: Dr. Marty Fenstersheib Starts HIV Early Intervention Clinical Program
    • March 1987: Larry Kramer Founds ACT UP: AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power
    • MARCH 17, 1987: County AIDS Task Force Issues First Report
    • MARCH 19, 1987: FDA Approves AZT, the First Drug to Treat AIDS
    • MAY 31, 1987: President Ronald Reagan Mentions AIDS for the First Time
    • MARCH 1988: San Jose City Council and County Board of Supervisors Pass Ordinances Prohibiting Discrimination Against People with HIV/AIDS
    • JUNE 7, 1988: Lyndon LaRouche’s Second AIDS Quarantine Initiative, Prop 69, Defeated
    • NOVEMBER 8, 1988: William Dannemeyer’s AIDS/HIV Mandatory Reporting Initiative, Prop 102, Defeated
    • MAY 1989: AIDS Memorial Quilt Displayed in San Jose
    • APRIL 8, 1990: Ryan White, an 18-year-old Hemophiliac Who Contracted AIDS From a Blood Transfusion, Dies
    • AUGUST 18, 1990: Congress Passes Ryan White CARE Act
    • SEPTEMBER 16, 1990: First Walk For AIDS in South Bay
    • JANUARY 1991: The Leslie David Burgess Lifetime Achievement Award is created to recognize those who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment, and compassion in providing education, prevention, healthcare, or support services to Santa Clara County residents who are at risk for, affected by, or living with HIV/AIDS 
    • JULY 1994: Bob Sorenson Steps Down as Executive Director of ARIS; Norm Robinson Hired
    • 1993-1994: Highest Annual AIDS Death Rates
    • 1995: Partners for AIDS Care and Education (PACE) Clinic Opens
    • DECEMBER 5, 1995: Major Medical Breakthrough With Development of First Protease Inhibitor
    • SEPTEMBER 30, 1995: AIDS Grove Dedicated Near Children’s Discovery Museum by Assemblyman John Vasconcellos
    • NOVEMBER 7, 2014: The Health Trust Renames and Dedicates the Jerry Larson FOODBasket
    • JUNE 2016: County Allocates $6 Million Spread Over Four Years for the Getting to Zero Campaign