The Imperial Family of San Jose/Santa Clara County

Introduction for historians

Provided by Kevin Roche, HIM Absolute Emperor 24 of San Jose

Some notes for readers unfamiliar with Imperial Court conventions, to the best of my recollection.

The Imperial Family are the permanent titleholders of the Imperial Courts of San Jose and Santa Clara County. They fall into several categories, with a bit of fuzziness. In this document, they are sorted in order of ascending precedence – the protocol order in which they would enter and be announced when being presented at a formal event; most frequently a Coronation ball.

This list goes through the year after my Reign as Emperor 34, so is complete through 2006.

Lifetime Titleholders are individuals granted a permanent title by an individual Monarch or Reign.

They will not infrequently be related to the title the individual held during that year’s Reign, with “Perpetual” or “for Life” added to the title.

Others are the winners of title competitions or pageants organized by a Reign (like the Mr/Miss Gay Southbay titles,

King Father/Queen Mother titles were granted by the Board of Directors (often suggested by the reigning Monarchs, but the board had to approve them) for continuing service and support to the San Jose Court.

Elected Ducal Titleholders: in parallel with the Imperial Courts, reigned over by an Empress/Emperor, there is also a (smaller) set of Ducal Courts, reigned over by a Grand Duchess/Duke.

Some Ducal Courts started as affiliates with an Imperial Court in a nearby city, which once firmly established were then invested as full Imperial Courts. Others were simply independent.

A few places actually support both an Imperial Court and a Ducal Court.

To make matters more confusing, the Monarchs in a city with only an Imperial Court may elect or appoint their Grand Duchess/Duke as part of their reign to interact with the Ducal courts. San Jose only elected some of its Ducal titleholders. The term “Elected” at the beginning of a Ducal title identifies such a titleholder.

(In an independent Ducal court, the Grand Duke and Duchess would also elected/selected in the same manner as an Emperor/Empress would be.)

Monarchs are the elected/selected “heads of state” of the Imperial Court. San Jose has had two incarnations of its Imperial Court, first the Casa De San Jose Empire of Santa Clara County, beginning in 1970* (I think) and then the Imperial Royal Lion Monarchy begun in 1988(ish). In 1990 IRLM incorporated as The Imperial Royal Lion Monarchy, Inc., of San Jose. *Note that I may be off by a year or so. I did not become involved until decades later. I am trying to locate more detailed history of the Casa de San Jose years.

The first 7 years of Casa de San Jose used the term Reina for their monarch, shifting to Grand Empress Reina for year 8* and then Empress for year 9. Year 9 was the first year with an Emperor as well as an Empress; as a result the Emperor titles were 9 years out of sync with the Empress for some time. *This change in title may signify the Imperial Court of San Francisco recognizing San Jose.

When the Imperial Royal Lion Monarchy succeeded Casa de San Jose, the numbering of Reigns was maintained, and the IRLM recognizes Imperial Family members from the earlier organizations as part of its history. In the 23rd Reign (1993-1994?), the Board of Directors voted to align the numbering of the Emperor’s title to align with that of the Empress, i.e. Empress 23 reigned with Emperor 23 rather than Emperor 14. (This made keeping track of the titles for protocol MUCH easier!)

The initials HIM before a Monarch’s lifetime title stands for Her/His Imperial Majesty. The term Absolute indicates that they successfully completed their year and all the goals (financial and other) for their Reign. “Elected” indicates that while elected to the title, they either stepped down during their reign or did not achieve their goals as set by the Board.

The term Regent in a Monarch’s title indicates they were appointed by the Board of Directors rather than elected. This was usually done either to assist a solo elected Monarch (running a Court is a lot of work), when an elected Monarch could not complete their term, or in some occasions, when there were no elected Monarchs.

These notes are based on my (sometimes hazy) memory of building protocol for formal appearances. Bill Funk (Miss Jean) or Jack Best (aka Jackie Best) or Philip Archer may have more details to hand.

The Imperial Family of San Jose/Santa Clara County

Lifetime Titleholders (all Reigns)

Announcing the Lifetime Titleholders of San Jose & Santa Clara County

  • Honorary Queen Mother Marlena
  • Honorary Citizen For Life Donna Sachet
  • Honorary Citizen For Life Brian Benamati
  • Miss Gay Southbay-San Jose 1990-91 Natalie Pachacha
  • Miss Gay Southbay-San Jose 1992-93 Alexis Monroe
  • Miss Gay Southbay-San Jose 1993-94 6na Las Vegas
  • Miss Gay Southbay-San Jose 1994-95 Claudia
  • Miss Gay Southbay-San Jose 1995-96 6nessa
  • Mr. Gay Southbay-San Jose 1997-98 Manual
  • Perpetual Imperial Crown Prince Jim Stull
  • Perpetual Imperial Crown Princess Pam Hoppler
  • Perpetual Grand Duke Al Jewel Imperial Crown Prince For Life Paul Breeding
  • Imperial Crown Prince For Life Art Beaton
  • Imperial Crown Princess For Life Natalie Pachacha
  • Imperial Crown Prince For Life Eddie Tavares
  • Imperial Crown Princess For Life Lucy Manhattan
  • Imperial Crown Prince For Life Marc Cambra
  • Imperial Crown Prince For Life Daniel O’brien
  • Imperial Crown Princess For Life Carrie Kelsey
  • Imperial Crown Princess For Life Bea Fernandez
  • Sterling Crown Czar Gigi Williams
  • Sterling Crown Czarina Trina Martina
  • Imperial Crown Princess For Life Elenore Lenox-Waterford
  • Mother To Emperor 27 Margarita G. Karssli
  • Imperial Crown Prince For Life Philip Archer
  • Prince Consort For Life Carl Block
  • Prince Consort For Life Brat Boy Jon Viik
  • The Ruby And Emerald Crowned Czar Michael Healy
  • The Amethyst And Diamond Crowned Czarina 6rginia Palmer
  • Imperial Grand Duchess 6 For Life Meana Archer
  • Imperial Crown Prince For Life Dario Jess Mendoza Moore
  • Imperial Mother For Life To The 31st Reign Bertha Ruiz
  • Imperial Crown Prince For Life John R4ers
  • Crown Countess For Life Charisma
  • Imperial Mother For Life To Absolute Empress 33 Sophia Zamora
  • Imperial Grand Duke 7 For Life Eddie Bautista
  • Imperial Crown Prince For Life to the 34th Reign Alan Windz
  • Imperial Crown Princess For Life to the 34th Reign Ava Grab-Mor

King Father and Queen Mother Titles

  • King Father 1 Dan Relic
  • Queen Mother 1 Stevie
  • King Father 2 Martin Kirkland
  • Queen Mother 2 Goldie Montana
  • King Father 3 Jason Tinney
  • Queen Mother 3 Rachel
  • King Father 4 Richard Kendall
  • Queen Mother 4 Dorene Tinney
  • King Father 5 Sammi
  • Queen Mother 5 Darlene
  • King Father 6 Neil Bulmer
  • Queen Mother 6 Sue
  • King Father 7 Mike Allen
  • Queen Mother 7 Donna Gourley
  • Queen Mother 8 Natalie Pachacha
  • Queen Mother 9 Lucy Manhattan
  • King Father 10 Bill Holzinger
  • Queen Mother 10 Jackie Best
  • King Father 11 Diamond John
  • King Father 12 Philip The Great
  • Queen Mother 12 Britknee Dawn
  • King Father 13 Frankie Fernandez
  • Queen Mother 13 Miss Jean
  • King Father 14 Jeff Tucker
  • Queen Mother 14 Trailer Trash Trixie
  • Queen Mother 15 Madame Steele

Elected Ducal Titleholders

A note to the MCs: we announce all lifetime titles regardless of whether they are in attendance

Announcing the Elected Ducal Titleholders of San Jose and Santa Clara County

  • Grand Duke 1 Frank
  • Grand Duchess 1 Josie
  • Grand Duke 2 Danny
  • Grand Duchess 2 La Tasha
  • Grand Duke 3 Shawn
  • Grand Duchess 3 Rita
  • Grand Duke 4 Bill Holzinger

Monarchs – Casa De San Jose Empire

Announcing the Monarchs of San Jose and Santa Clara County

Casa De San Jose Empire of Santa Clara County

  • The Imperial California Map Court
  • Her Imperial Majesty Reina 1 Carmelita
  • The Imperial Cobra Court
  • Her Imperial Majesty Reina 2 Stevie Santa Dela Cruz
  • The Imperial Lion Rampart Court
  • Her Imperial Majesty Grand Reina 3 Madre De Casa Rachel
  • The Imperial Gardenia Court
  • Her Imperial Majesty Reina 4 Donna Mae
  • The Imperial Poodle Court
  • Her Imperial Majesty Reina 5 Arvis
  • The Imperial Mushroom Court
  • Her Imperial Majesty Reina 6 Bunny Lake
  • The Imperial Bicentennial Court
  • Her Imperial Majesty Reina 7 Deserae’
  • The Imperial Royal Silver Eagle Court
  • Her Imperial Majesty Grand Empress Reina 8 Alex
  • The Imperial Royal Diamond Peacock & Pegasus Court
  • HIM Emperor Rey Hal Frost
  • HIM Empress Reina 9 Aka Tonna
  • The Imperial Royal Emerald & Golden Bull Court
  • HIM Emperor Rey 1 Jim Cassara
  • HIM Empress Reina 10 Miss Jean
  • The Imperial Star & Golden Pheasant Court
  • HIM Emperor 2 Bill Gates
  • HIM Empress 11 Carla La Mar
  • The Imperial Quetzal & Butterfly Court
  • HIM Emperor 3 Alex Mendizabel
  • HIM Empress 12 Tanya Luna
  • HIM Reina 12 Tiffany
  • The Imperial Little Bear & Crescent Moon Court
  • HIM Emperor 4 Smokey
  • HIM Empress 13 Crescent Shalimar
  • The Court of The 14th Reign
  • HIM Emperor 5 Mark Dalton
  • HIM Empress 14 Lou Lou
  • The Imperial Majestic Unicorn & Silver Fox Court
  • HIM Emperor 6 Dennis Andrews
  • HIM Empress 15 Darlene
  • The Court Of The 16th Reign
  • HIM Emperor 7 Nevin
  • HIM Empress 16 Lisa
  • The Court of The Pegasus & Pink Flamingo
  • HIM Emperor 8 Joey
  • HIM Empress 17 Cheri La Salle
  • The Court of The 18th Reign
  • HIM Emperor 9 Bobby C
  • HIM Empress 18 Rachel

Monarchs – Imperial Royal Lion Monarchy

The Courts of The Imperial Royal Lion Monarchy Inc.

  • The Court Of The Black Pearl
  • HIM Absolute Empress 19 Toby
  • The Court Of The Red Dragon And Silver Diamond
  • HIM Absolute Emperor 11 Michael Chadderton
  • HIM Absolute Emperess 20 Kelli Collins
  • The Court Of Crystal Magic
  • HIM Absolute Emperor 13 Sammi
  • HIM Absolute Empress 21 Sue
  • The Animal House Court
  • HIM Absolute Emperor 14 Jim Stull
  • HIM Absolute Empress 22 Cherie La Salle
  • The Court Of Glitz And Glamor
  • HIM Absolute Emperor 23 Eddie Tavares
  • HIM Absolute Empress 23 Patrice
  • The Court Of The 24th Reign
  • HIM Absolute Empress 24 Pussy Galore
  • HIM Regent Emperor 24 Brian Mangold
  • HIM Regent Empress 24 Britknee Dawn
  • The Court Of Hopes, Dreams, & Reality
  • HIM Absolute Emperor 25 Brain Mangold
  • HIM Absolute Empress 25 Britknee Dawn
  • The Court Of The New Power Generation
  • HIM Absolute Emperor 26 Frankie Fernandez
  • HIM Absolute Empress 26 Lucy Fernandez
  • The Court Of Natural Disasters
  • HIM Absolute Emperor 27 Genaro Gonzales
  • HIM Absolute Empress 27 Jackie Best
  • The Court Of Magic, Mystery, And Mayhem
  • HIM Absolute Emperor 28 Lloyd Street
  • HIM Regent Empress 28 Margaret Ramirez
  • The Court Of Dreams, Fantasy, And Leather
  • HIM Absolute Empeor 29 Frank Little King-Pierce
  • HIM Absolute Empress 29 Britknee Dawn
  • The Court Of New Beginnings
  • HIM Absolute Emperor 30 Philip The Great
  • HIM Absolute Empress 30 Margaret Ramirez
  • The Court Of the 31st Reign
  • HIM Absolute Empress 31 Mizz Monique Moore
  • The Court Of the 32nd Reign
  • Regent Emperor Diamond John
  • HIM Absolute Empress 32 Athena
  • The Court Of Brass, Trash And Class
  • HIM Absolute Emperor 33 “Beej” Martinez
  • HIM Absolute Empress 33 Big Red
  • The Three-Ring Rainbow Court of Love, Lust and Laughter
  • HIM Absolute Emperor 34 Kevin Roche
  • Elected Empress 34 Rachael-Janelle
  • The Court Of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance
  • Regent Emperor 35 Emmanuel Lara
  • Regent Empress 35 Athena

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